New Wave Gutter Guard!

Moves 40 Gallons of Water per Minute

Raindrop Shaped Holes
Waved Pattern

New Wave Features

• Raindrop shaped holes allow water to pass through easily
• Waved profile allows air underneath debris to prevent sticking
• Handles 40 gallons of water per minute
• Keeps large, gutter-clogging debris out of your gutter system
• Installs directly to fascia, which strengthens the gutters (Patent # 8,375,644)
• Available in mill finish

Watch the Install Video

Designed to move vast amounts of water through the gutter system while at the same time keeping out large gutter clogging debris.

The holes are shaped like a “raindrop.”

Many gutter guards have round holes, which actually hold the water on top of the cover. New Wave’s raindrop-shaped holes allow the water to spread out over the surface of the hole. This design thins the water and reduces the surface tension – which allows it to pass through easily. Once the weight of the water above the hole becomes too great, it passes through and into the gutter.

Stop Digging Through

Your Gutters

Just Spray them off.

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